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Welcome to the Most Advanced Home Typing Program on the Internet. You will earn more money with our work at home typing guide then with any other similar program. Even if you have tried other home typist programs you should still join our's. Our program is UNLIKE other programs. Read through this page to see all the reasons why we are different.

Numerous companies are looking for workers to submit information into online forms and they will pay you very nicely in return. You can get paid up to $50 per transaction, plus you will also get paid residual income on every document you type. The companies we are associated with are in constant need of new home typists. Anyone with basic internet skills can do this home based job, regardless of where you live. The internet is evolving and changing, more and more companies need home based workers to work for them.

home typist There are several companies that will pay you to type documents, fill in forms, and type from home. We give you access to these companies. We also provide you with a training manual that guides you on how to type the documents, how to fill in the forms, and how to make the most money with your new home typing business.

You can easily do this and supplement your current income, or if you are like many of our members, easily surpass that income and then quit your day job!

PLEASE NOTE:   Other home typing web sites only teach you how to fill in PPC forms. PPC stands for pay per click, these are a highly profitable type of form you can fill in day after day to earn good profits. BUT, this type of home typing requires you to spend money. Typing in PPC forms is a great way to earn money. We not only teach you how to fill in PPC forms we teach you several ways to type from home that require no investment whatsoever. You won't find the information that we teach you elsewhere, we have been typing from home for a long time and we know the absolute best ways to make money typing.

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Here are some of the things you will learn in the training manual:

work from home businessWe reveal the best places where you can type as many documents as you want and get paid for each of them. Typing these documents is FREE. You can type as many as you want!!!

make moneyWe show you how to type documents properly to earn the most money for each one you type.

home typistsWe will teach you how to fill in forms on the internet for huge profits.

job from homeWe give you an easy to follow and detailed plan that will enable you to make more money then you would with other home typist programs.

We show you how to cash in on the Social Marketing scene. Some of the sites in question generate more visitors per day then Google.com. We show you how to type on these websites and earn large amounts of money.

data entryWe will teach you things you have never heard of before that can make you earn more money from home then with a traditional 9 to 5 job, or then with other home businesses you may have tried in the past.

Here is a screenshot of the earnings from an account of one of our most successful members. That's over $9500 in just 2 weeks! You can imagine the potential. You most likely won't earn this kind of cash just starting out. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme but a legitimate way to make a good income typing from home on your computer. You're not going to wake up tomorrow morning $2000 richer; but if you're not lazy, you can easily make a couple hundred dollars every single day..

proof of earnings

How is all this possible?

The internet has changed a lot in the past few years. There are now unlimited possibilities for people that want to earn money from home in a safe and easy way. We show you in depth how to turn your computer skills into dollars. There are several companies that are just waiting for you to type documents for them, type in forms for them, and more.

How am I paid and when?

You are paid every 2 weeks by check or bank transfer, these payments come in like clockwork. Some companies can also pay you by Paypal if you prefer.

woman at her computerMen and women alike can both do this work. We have people from all walks of life who use our proven system for making money from home. Work when you want, there are no set hours in this business, you work when you want to. You can do a little home typing or a lot, many people do this part time, while others turn this into a full time job. You get to decide when you work and how much you work. You are in complete control, plus you can earn money 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The companies we are associated with need home based typists on a constant basis. They provide everyone with an equal opportunity to earn money from home. Whether you type fast or slow, you can still do this job, because you are working from home the amount of time it takes you to do your work is irrelevant. You are your own boss. Slow-typers can fill in short forms and earn great money, or slow-typers can take a little more time and type in documents.

This work is 100% fully legal of course. Every home typist is responsible for reporting their own taxes. You will be working as an independant worker. You can do this job even if you already have a current job. You just add your income from typing at home to your current income. It couldn't be easier, all you need is a basic internet connection, and basic internet skills.

Imagine your New Way of Life.

barefoot3.jpg (12407 bytes) stroll3.jpg (12385 bytes) laptop_beach2.jpg (11197 bytes)

You wake up in the morning slowly, not in a hurry to take your shower and eat. You take your time, enjoying the sun coming through the kitchen window, knowing that your day will be enjoyable. After breakfast, you have a cup of coffee and login to your computer to find that the documents you typed yesterday made you money overnight. You smile, knowing that you are ahead of many people who still haven't discovered this yet. You are set, you have a proven way to earn money. You then spend a few hours that day building your home typist business. Take the rest of the morning off. Go for a jog, or a walk, spend time with friends. Late afternoon, you come back home to find you made money while you were away. That motivates you, you then spend a little more time online typing. After having worked a few hours that day you feel content, and well rested. With this job you will have freedom, because you are your own boss.

Are there any limits to the amount of work I can do?

No, you can work as little or as much as you want. Some people choose to do this part time while others turn this into a full time job. It depends on your life schedule. Even those who spend 30 minutes to 2 hours a day doing this can see great results.

Do I need a Printer to type from home?

99% of the documents and forms can be filled out and submitted using the internet. So no, you don't need a printer. Everything is done electronically. In some cases you may want to print out a copy of the document for yourself. That is up to you. You don't have to print the documents out on paper. That is optional.

Do I need any special software?

No, all you need is an internet browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox, or Safari on a Mac. Either of those browsers will work fine, any other internet browswer will work just fine too.

Here are some of the benefits of typing from home:

No more skimping when dining out, or skipping restaurants altogether. Now you can dine out whenever you want.
No more dressing up for work. You can do this work in your pajamas if you want.
You can start to make money today, not next month.
No more mean boss peering over your shoulder trying to criticize you when you do something wrong and take all of the credit when you do something right.
You can take time off to take vacation anywhere on the globe that you can think of. You can even have someone else type for you when you are gone.
Long-Term financial stability that is associated with this position.
Never Again deal with the he said/ she said and other non-sensical office politics.
At any time you wish to earn more money, simply type more and earn more.

Here is an example of what some of the documents you will be typing look like.

Please note that this is just an example, the actual forms may have fewer or more fields to fill in and may differ in appearance.

The types of documents you can type are very diversified. You can type documents on an almost limitless amount of subjects. Each document you type will reward you with cash. And you are paid every 2 weeks.


Here is a sample of some of the shorter forms that you can fill in to earn money.

forms to fill in

We have extensive knowledge on the best companies and how to make the most money with them. After becoming a member you will have all the priveleges and tools to have a successful home based business. Plus you won't have to pay outrageous fees to be in business. You can run this business with no money at all and still make plenty of money.

Our user friendly Member's Area guides you through all the steps to make your business a success. Even if you type very slowly you can still do this job. Some members choose to only fill in short forms to earn money. Just doing that can earn you very good amounts of money. Slow typers can also type longer documents with great success too, because once your document is finished it will continue to earn you money for several weeks. You type once and earn multiple payments.

work at home

Here are some other good reasons why you should become a member of our program:

Our price for membership is lower then other home typist programs.

We provide traditional home typing, and non-traditional home typing programs. Traditional home typing programs pay by the hour or per contract, many of them pay very well. If you prefer non-traditional home typing, we have the perfect program for you, there are no limits to the amounts you can make with this type of home-typing. We have many home typists who prefer to do both, that is your choice, we will guide you through both methods.

Nobody offers you more ways to successfully work from home typing on your computer.

The most up-to-date information. There are now more ways to earn money typing from home then ever before!

Our Web 2.0 information is state of the art. You won't find this information elsewhere.

We have developed the most COMPLETE Home Typist Package you will ever find. We give you MORE!

How much money can I make by typing from home?

We have members making $100 a day and some making up to $1000 per day working from home typing on their computer. There is no limit to the amount of money you can make, it depends on your efforts. Unlike with traditional 9 to 5 jobs you are not constrained by wages. The more you type from home the more money you will make.

Here are some recent comments from some of our members:

arrow4.gif (1717 bytes)What I liked about this site is the part that shows you how to make money on sites like Myspace or Facebook. It really is good. I also liked pretty much everything else too. I am a slow typer, so I started with shorter forms. The training guide showed me how. Good site! by Andrew

arrow4.gif (1717 bytes)If you are like me and you have extra time to do this type of job, then I say go for it! I haven't seen this type of information elsewhere. I just ate it all up when I became a member. My eyeballs were stuck to the screen for a few hours I must admit. If you put into practice the different methods of typing from home, you will see that it works. I did, and every day I get better at typing documents. I think I will someday quit my job thanks to this program.

We are currently testing a trial price of $39.99, the price will be going back up to $89.99 very soon!

Ordering is 100% safe and secure. And you can order 24 hours a day, even at 3:00am in the morning if you like. Become a member today for only $39.99. We're almost giving away memberships at this price.
Order by Credit card, or Paypal and receive Instant Access.

Lock in your position today to reserve your membership.

Plus if you register within the next 24 hours you will get access to $295 in FREE PPC money. This money can get you started in submitting pay per click forms. With the Free $295 you can easily get your membership payment back within 1 or 2 days.

Plus you will also receive access to a large list of data entry companies which will pay you by the hour to do data entry work.

Take advantage of this once in a lifetime limited offer now. You will also have full access to all future updates of the member's area.

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